2012 Projects


  You’re Board of Directors and our Manager Mike Towns would like to highlight the projects presently underway or completed.
  Some projects are illustrated by photos provided by Rolf Maschwitz.

  Gutters cleaned on all buildings.
  Lake #2 bank repair - before erosion and after.
  Stones placed around buildings P-1 and P-2 to prevent erosion.
   New fountains for lakes 2,3,4 and 5.
   Exotics removal in our Preserves.
   Painting of Buildings # 743, 747,660, 654 and 790.
   Updated and repaired broken irrigation pipes for better coverage at critical areas.
   Replace Plumbago plants in front of 9 buildings due to bug infestation.
  Trimmed more than 200 hardwood trees, all our big Ficus trees and Queen Palms. 
  Removed sick Queen Palms.
  Parking lot re-pavement and repairs of bad/damaged areas due to tree roots are under way.
  Lakes Condo sheds repair.
  Some pool lounge chairs were re-strapped.
  Lakes Condo. Car-ports cleaned.
  Lake 4 bank improvement. 
  Some of flowers.