The board of directors in the spring authorized several l landscaping projects to be conducted during the summer of 2013. Rose & Rolf Maschwitz kindly provided the 83 photos that you will find below.

Summary of photos taken of the 2013 landscaping project.

  1. The first 4 photos illustrate the Ganoderma conks that are found on sick palm trees, there is no cure of this disease and the Palm must be removed and no palm tree can be planted in the same location.
  2. We proceeded to remove palm trees that were too close to the buildings photos 5 to 8
  3. The Arecas above Lake 4 had to be removed as several were sick with Ganoderma.  They were replaced by a hedge of   Viburnum    as illustrated by photos 9 to 23
  4. Arecas were also removed in other areas as well some other trees to close to buildings see photos 24-34
  5. We did beautify the bridge between lake 3 and lake 4 by planting Bougainvillea’s  as illustrated by photos 35-41
  6. The major project of the summer was the redo of our entrance in front of building 16. This project resulted from the necessity to remove Black Olive trees that were in danger of falling. We redid the whole landscaping and replaced the Black Olive trees with 6 Royal palms and by new plantings, Photos 42 to 79.
Finally photos 80-83 illustrate the growing of our new Viburnum plants at Renfroe & Jackson nursery to be used in future years when the remaining Arecas along Pan Am are replaced